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High-Efficiency Natural Gas Equipment List Rebate
Rebate Conversion
Furnace AFUE ≥ 90 $100 $800
Furnace AFUE ≥ 94 with ECM $300 $800
AFUE ≥ 95 with ECM $300 $800
Furnace AFUE-UP2 $25
Water Boiler AFUE ≥ 85 $200 $800
Water Boiler AFUE ≥ 90 $450 $800
Steam Boiler AFUE ≥ 82 $200 $800
ENERGY STAR Storage Water Heater ≥ 40 Gallons 3 $100
ENERGY STAR Tankless Water Heater 4 $200
Indirect Water Heater 5 $150
NEW! Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat (limit one per account)6 $25

AFUE = Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency
ECM = Electronically Controlled Fan Motor
EF = Energy Factor
1Conversion rebates are available to all homeowners who convert their primary heating equipment to natural gas on or after July 29, 2014 in Clinton County and other targeted conversion areas, or July 1, 2016 for all other areas.

1 An additional rebate of $500 is available to customers participating in the natural gas heating conversion program who have recieved HEAP benefits within 12 months prior to the rebate application date, and can provide a HEAP award letter.

2 Existing natural gas furnaces only, boilers are ineligible. Limited to one rebate every five years. Effecive January 1, 2016.

3 ENERGY STAR tank type water heater with EF of .67 or greater.

4 ENERGY STAR tankless water heater with EF of .82 or greater.

5 Installed by a contractor at time of qualifying natural gas furnace or boiler installation.

6 Contractor-installed or self-installed, must control a natural gas heating system.

To be eligible for any of our rebates, furnaces and boilers must be Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institue (AHRI) or ENERGY STAR approved, and all eligible equipment (except Wi-Fi enabled thermostats) must be installed by a licensed contractor or a contractor who has provided you with either a Federal ID (tax) number or a certificate of Insurance.

1 Go to RG&E for List of Eligible Equipment.
2 Go to RG&E for Application for Rebate.